Whether you are looking to add to your regular talent lineup in your establishment or stun at a special event for your business, The Succubus Sorority can accommodate your needs. The Succubi tailor make their shows to fit your theme, time slots, and budget. They do everything from the freaky fetishy to the intriguing mainstream. With skills such as costume design and sewing, as well as sculpture and carpentry at their command, The Succubus Sorority also make many of their own outfits and props. This ensures unique visuals and makes The Succubus Sorority’s show more than just a performance- it makes it a tantalizing eye candy experience. You do not have to book the whole troupe- girls can be booked individually or in groups depending on your needs.

To inquire about booking, please email us with as much information about your event as you can, including-

1. Time, date, location
2. Type of show (concert, dance party, corporate function, etc)
3. Any themes, or the crowd demographic you are expecting (ages, subcultures, etc)
4. Any other performers (DJs, bands, etc)
5. Performance skills you would like to see us bring to the table. Please ensure that any skills you have chosen will be doable at the venue (for example, we need permission from venue owners to do combustibles, as well as open space).
6. The time slots you want us to perform at, or if you want an all-night booking for skills such as go-go dancing
7. Any other info that may be useful to us to tailor a show that will be appropriate and appealing to your crowd and venue

Our fees depend on many factors, but we always do our best to negotiate a budget that all will be happy with. We do offer our skills to charity shows for good causes- contact us!